MH 04

Band Members :
Anand Bhaskar - Vocals / Guitars
Shakyamuni - Guitars
Vikrant - Guitars
Nikhil - Bass / Keyboards
AIS - Drums

MH 04 is an Alternative / Fusion band from Thane, Maharashtra. MH 04 is a bunch of musicians with extremely diverse musical background and influences. Which is why, the music they make usually comes out with a distinct 'flavor' to it. Mostly, all of them argue on almost all aspects of a song, but manage to arrive at a beautiful conclusion in terms of their compositions. This why they feel that their biggest driving factor to make good music is their difference of opinions.

Single Track List :

1. Mera Safar
2. Hey Ram
3. Sad Death
4. Keep Your Head

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  1. heard your music guys good efforts but no news from you on circuit these days??