Band Members :
Vikram Joshi
Priya Yadav

Nee is a Kannada music band from Bangalore, formed in 2001 by Siddeshwar. They released their debut album "Rebirth of Music" launched by 'Raghu Dixit' in June 2009 under Nee Music. The bands motive is to give a message to the society, one of the album’s songs showcases the four noble truths of life as enlightened by Gautama Buddha. This album showcases all shades of life like happiness, sorrow, romance, excitement, enjoyment, love for nature so on and so forth. The album is the first Kannada music album of its kind, which gratifies likes of all ages.

Album 'Nee - Rebirth of Music' 2009 Track List :

1. Kuniyona
2. Malenaadavanu
3. Ee Nayanagalu
4. Marulaade
5. Noorase
6. Manasaagide
7. Nee
8. Dastak
9. Tunturu
10. Pahadi
11. Pahadi (Unplugged)
12. Nee (Remix)

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