New Genesis

Band Members :
Abhijeet Sanyal - Vocals
Kumar Vasan - Guitars
Ruben Franklin - Guitars
Kartikeya Sinha - Bass
Sagar Siddhanti - Drums

New Genesis is an Experimental / Groove Metal band from Delhi, formed in late July 2011. The band was formed by strangers who met and soon created 2 'Original Compositions' in less than 8 Jam Sessions while keeping the project Underground until they were all SET! The Band rose when three talented musicians (Sagar, Ruben and KV) came across in a rather unorthodox manner. They gelled well together and the music that they created together was what they had always aspired to achieve. With Abhijeet and Kartik to support this dream in addition to the Band’s zeal for conquering great mountains and a fan base to empower, New Genesis is on its way to revolutionize metal! New Genesis incorporates the origins of Indian classical music into their groundbreaking music.

EP 'The Pits of Tartarus' 2012 Track List :

1. Infernal Chaos (Intro)
2. Serpent of Illusion  Mp3 
3. Redemption  Mp3 
4. Enfer  Mp3 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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