Band Members :
Rohit Singh - Vocals
Sidharth Kumar - Guitars
Rajeev Kumar - Guitars
Antriksh Bali - Keyboards
Karan Thapa - Bass
Rohan Arora - Drums

Vendetta is an Industrial / Groove Metal band from Delhi, formed in February 2011. The band derives influences from various different genres such as industrial, psychedelic, ambient, experimental, metalcore etc. Their music is an intelligent and ground-breaking mixture of all these elements. The band has a keen interest towards making original material and has complied enough material to make it into a couple of songs up till now. As a group of people coming from different musical backgrounds, the band always wanted to show its musical depth by making songs ranging from slow melodic ballads to groovy riff-oriented destructive metal anthems.

Single Track List :

1. Vendetta
2. Ifrit

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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