Band Members :
Dheeraj - Vocals
Sankalp - Guitars
Vivek - Guitars
Adwait - Bass

Nihilanth is a Technical Death Metal band from Mumbai, formed in mid of 2011 by Sankalp and Vivek with an aim to compose good original music. After a few jams the duo ended up composing their first single 'Dimensional Domination'. The theme was chosen to bring forth an aura of mystique and add a technical preface to the track. A few months later the band was joined by Dheeraj and Adwait. The word 'Nihil' in Latin means 'nothing' and 'Anth' in Sanskrit means 'End'.

Single Track List :

1. Dimensional Domination
2. Macabre Existence  YouTube 
3. The Procellous Ectype

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1 comment:

  1. A brilliant band. Excellent production even for a demo. Catchy, interesting and technical fretwork with some of the most sickest vocals! Hope they find a drummer who can match their talent and provide some frantic rhythm.