No Thoroughfare

Band Members :
Arpita Maitra - Vocals
Nehit Vij - Guitars
Puneet Sharma - Guitars
Achin Bhardwaj - Bass / Vocals
Sumit Pawar - Drums

No Thoroughfare is an Alternative Rock band from Gurgaon, formed in 2009. They like to surprise others, sometimes they surprise themselves and triggered with a sense of adventure, they are set to demystify their musical world and unfold the rhythmic notes while they're at it.

Single Track List :

1. Superman
2. Riddles  Video
3. Misery 
4. Bong Song
5. Long Road  Video Live
6. Something New  YouTube  
7. Ephemeral  Live  
8. No Strings Attached  Live 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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