The Hoodwink Circle

Band Members :
Aidan Lewis - Vocals / Guitars
Sanju Aguiar - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Ishaan Krishna - Bass / Backing Vocals
Rahul Hariharan - Drums / Percussion

The Hoodwink Circle is an Alternative Rock band from Mumbai, formed in October 2008 under the name 'Wasabi'. The band is an eclectic mix of performers from all over Mumbai. The members have come together to pursue their true musical roots, which are primarily based on Funk, Alternative and their derivations. The band strongly believes in making technical music, at the same time making it appeal to a light listener. The band also believes in making music that is universal that stems from day to day experiences in urban India. Apart from this, Jazz Funk, Pop/Alternative Rock, and Progressive Rock/Metal influence the band.

EP 'With The Flow' 2016 Track List :

1. Conscience  Live YouTube 
2. Failure  YouTube 
3. With The Flow  Live YouTube
4. Suzanna  YouTube
5. Late  YouTube
6. The Full Circle  Live YouTube

Single Track List :

1. Mirror'd
2. Smiles  Live 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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