The Pulp Society

Band Members :
Imaad Shah - Vocals / Songwriter
Jonathan J Paul - Piano / Mouthorgan
Assel Atageldieva - Violin / Symphony Orchestra 
Lokesh Bakshi - Guitars
Dusty Ryan - Bass
Debjyoti Saha - Drums
Anand Bhagat - Percussion

The Pulp Society is a Rock band from Mumbai. After years of individually playing in other outfits and setups, The Pulp Society has finally come together to add a little skanky funk to the burgeoning indie Indian music scene. With their complicated and messed up (read: varied) roots as a huge strength, they tackle material that is irreverent, sexy, disrespectful and always very groovy. A deep love for the songwriting traditions of the old school funk and disco of the 70s-80s combined with a modern outlook and sense of sound design, veering towards nu-jazz and a fair degree of rock and roll, held together by a double guitar attack, are what make one part of the sound. Aided by bass lines set in the heart of disco and funky percussion and violin, lyrics are a major point of focus, and songwriting is key to the band’s vision for a revival or a modern take on this classic ‘black power’ sound. Expect some seriously high energy sets, with disco style bass, groovy pockets, some jazz colored mode playing, and tongue in cheek lyrics that have no respect for genre and culture divisions.

Single Track List :

1. The Average Bear
2. Spacey Train
3. Here We Are 
4. The Move

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