The Petri Dish Project

Band Members :
Ashutosh Phatak - Vocals / Keyboards / Guitars
Other Members On Stage :
Dhruv Ghanekar - Guitars
JD Thirumalai - Bass
Lindsay D'Mello - Drums
Vivienne Pocha - Vocals
Caralisa Monteiro - Vocals

The Petri Dish Project is an Ambient Psychedelic Rock with an Acoustic as well as an Electronic Vibe. The act is a collaborative of musicians like Ashutosh Phatak, Lindsay D’Mello and JD Thirumalai. Ashutosh Phatak is a singer-songwriter and one of the owners of the Blue Frog club and record label. He released his debut album "Sigh of An Angel" in October 2008 with Blue Frog Records. In 2009 Ashutosh performed at the South By South West music festival in Austin, Texas. He released his sophomore album "The Petri Dish Project" in 2010. With Blue Frog co-owner Dhruv Ghanekar, he also forms one half of the band Smoke. A high-energy audience engaging foray into genres and themes that constantly evolve and are open to many interpretations.  Accompanying the band are rich visuals that act as triggers helping the audience transcend into various parallel spaces of the mind.

Album 'Smoke Signals' 2008 Track List :
[Under the project 'Smoke']

1. Windy
2. Yaad Tumhari
3. On And On
4. Tsunami
5. Summertime Rocks
6. You're So Beautiful
7. The Final Frontier
8. Lullaby
9. Summer Sun

Album 'Sigh of An Angel' 2008 Track List :
[Under 'The Petri Dish Project']

1. Surfing On A Whishper
2. Spiral
3. Epiphany
4. Fix Me  Video 
5. Sunrise Maker
6. The Desert
7. Yello Jello
8. In The Clouds
9. Keep On Shining
10. Descent
11. Plastic Poetry
12. Eons  Video 
13. I Missed You
14. Europa

Album 'The Petri Dish Project' 2010 Track List :
[Under 'The Petri Dish Project']

1. Petri Dish
  2. Stargazing
3. Footdub
4. Time Stretch
5. In Your Hands
6. Drive
7. Miss Understood
8. The Rabbit
9. Immaculate  Video 
10. Wasteland
11. Sunrise

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