Whirling Kalapas

Band Members :
Uday Benegal - Vocals / Guitars / Percussion
Sankarshan Kini - Guitars / Mandolin / Violin / Vocals
Sankarshan Kini - Percussion / Guitars / Bass / Keyboards / Vocals

Whirling Kalapas is an Acoustic Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2009. The band are a trio comprising Uday Benegal, Sankarshan 'Shanks' Kini and Ashwin Andrew whose music can be described as introspective and quirky acoustic pop. Their sound is vocally rich and instrumentally diverse, incorporating acoustic guitars, violin, mandolin, a keyboard, the occasional drum kit, shakers, bells, shells and any object they feel would fit into one of their songs. Whirling Kalapas are a rich addition to India’s current indie explosion, especially for audiences looking beyond the volume-driven sounds of rock and electronic acts. This is cerebral and fun music for the thinking listener who loves to dance.

EP 'Whirling Kalapas' 2013 Track List :

1. Alive  YouTube 
2. Don't Laugh At The Sun  Live YouTube 
3. Looking For The Mahatma  Live YouTube
4. Fireflies  Live YouTube

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Single Track List :

1. I Wish I Was A Whale

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