Axis 6

Band Members :
Abhinav Goswami - Vocals / Guitars
Abhishek Goswami - Guitars
Samir - Bass
Jagat - Drums

Axis 6 is a Progressive Metal band from Allahabad (UP), formed in 2009 by brothers Abhishek and Abhinav. In January 2010, the band started performing and touring in different parts of the country. For more than an year until March 2011, the band performed with its original lineup. The 14 month long journey helped it evolve as a strong competitor amid bands playing metal. It helped the band win a strong name and a decent underground support, despite the limitations and constraints in terms of resources. As of now, the band is not performing live but the band believes in its music and continues to compose and produce it under its own independent label.

Single Track List :

1. Hunter  YouTube 
2. Life.Less.Life
3. Medisin

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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