Bleeding Edge

Band Members :
Sanil Joseph - Vocals
Shardul Gangal - Vocals / Guitars
Habeel Bakshi - Guitars

Karan Goswami - Bass
Nishit Verma - Drums

Bleeding Edge is a Metal band from Pune, formed in June 2010. Their sound is basically an amalgamation of thrash and groove but they still try to pour in ideas from all other music they listen to. Overall Bleeding Edge is a smooth blend of fast yet groovy riffs, blazing solos, aggressive vocals and chest thumping drums and bass. All members have different tastes in music but share the same passion for metal and go on to create a varied and new sound.

Single Track List :

1. Neither Shape Nor Sorrow  YouTube
2. Unperson
3. Afterparty

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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