Blue Skies And Paign

Band Member :
Saib Bilaval

Blue Skies And Paign is an Ambient / Post-Rock solo project from Delhi headed by Saib Bilaval. According to him the purpose of this project is - Firstly, to display his emotions and experiences, in his encounters with life and the world. Secondly, to preserve him and what he have been. The person he is. So that he never lose himself. Thirdly, it looks to preserve every wound, healed or not.

EP 'Wanderings' 2011 Track List :

1. Raindrops
2. Architecture In Leningrad  Video 
3. May A Hundred Flowers Bloom
4. Wilderness
5. A Series of Paper Planes Exploding As They Catch Fire  YouTube 

Album 'Raindrops Line The Edge of Your Thoughts/Sunshine Lines The Edge of Your Smile' 2012 Track List :

1. Sunshine Lines The Edge of Your Smile
2. Under The Deep Blue Sea
3. Raindrops Line The Edge of Your Thoughts
4. Dark Clouds And Closed Doors
5. Her Smile At Dawn
6. A Symphony of Senses
7. No Fantasy Worlds In This Town
8. In Dreams

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