Band Members :
Manav Bhardwaj - Vocals
Vishal Dave - Vocals

Dushyant Dubey  - Guitars
Abhinav Sandhir - Guitars
Baibhav Chatterjee - Bass
Falgun Pandit - Drums

Contravene is a Groove / Metalcore band from Ahmedabad (Gujarat). The band started as a project by Dushyant and Baibhav who wanted to make a band that played brutal breakdown-aggressive riffing-metal. They decided to create music that was different from the usual 'Satan-Brutal-Death-Cannibal-Rotting-Flesh' stereotype that bands normally go with. But instead, Contravene was made into a band that talked about our lives, our lives and what we see around us.

Single Track List :

1. Bite The Hand  YouTube
2. Social Suicide  YouTube
3. Loser
4. Oscillation

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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