Band Members :
Kik Linkin - Vocals
Punk a Jackson - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Achuth Nair - Bass
Rajeevan Ashokan - Drums

Barsto (also known as 'Barstow Maniacs') is a Progressive Metal band from Trivandrum (Kerala), formed in 2011. The band believe in opening the eyes of all their listeners, into the true meaning hidden behind their songs and captivate your souls into their circle, making you realize your talents and potential lurking inside. The band did the OST and background score for a horror/thriller short film titled 'Aaram Nizhal'.

Single Track List :

1. Angels Bleed
2. Falling
3. Where Is The Love
4. Baby Tell Me You Love Me
5. 6am Nizhal
6. Dancing In The Fire
7. Hold

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