Band Members :
Adnan Khan - Vocals / Guitars
Paul Marandi - Bass
Himanshu Singh - Drums

Toxoid is a Satanic Black Metal band from Noida/Delhi, formed in August 2012 by Adnan Khan. They seek to produce extreme music, in its true glory, and epic-ness, and put forward unadulterated, pure, raw, traditional black metal to Indian metal society, and to rest of the world. Their music is a lethal blend of traditional and modern Black Metal, along with elements of satanic thrash metal and death metal.

Album 'Aurora Satanic' 2014 Track List :

1. Baphomet Enraged
2. Feed My Wrath
3. Demon Lust
4. Mystical Misanthropic Doctrine
5. Aurora Satanic  YouTube 
6.Thy Infernal Defloration

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Single Track List :

1. The Castle of Incubus  YouTube 
2. The Godless Empire

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