Murk Blare

Band Members :
Vaibhav Varma - Vocals
Anirudh Rai - Guitars
Vipul Verma - Bass
Vishesh Singh - Drums

Murk Blare is a Progressive Groove Metal band from Delhi, formed in September 2011. The band is known for their extreme stage-presence, the band has evolved greatly since its birth and is now stoked to take a leap further into the professional world of music.

Single Track List :

1. Warrior
2. Lost And Found
3. Demigod
4. Waiting To Be Dead
5. The Tormentor  YouTube 
6. The Machine  YouTube 
7. Start
8. Fixanimus
9. My End
10. Forty-Two
11. Chronos

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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