Counterplot Theory

Band Members :
Akshay Sharma - Vocals / Guitars / Bass
Bharat Gudihal - Guitars
Vishesh Bhyrav - Guitars / Bass
Owais Wani - Drums / Percussion

Counterplot Theory is a Metal band from Bangalore, basically formed in October 2012. The band was formerly known as Forsaken. The band started with three of their founding members adding Vishesh (Ex - Dark Visions) as a new member. The band focuses on the classic unique thrash style of its predecessor, but its members have matured, in playing style as well as ideas.

Single Track List :

1. Condemn The Rapist  Mp3 YouTube 
2. Extensive Persistence  YouTube 
3. Volatile
4. Unsterblich  YouTube 
5. Capgras Delusion
6. The Impossibility of Reason

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
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