Band Members :
Suveer Ahuja - Vocals
Karan Mahesh - Guitars

Kushal Neil - Guitars

Nihaal Joseph - Bass

Aditya Belagodu - Drums

Featuring Artists :

Roshan Vinod - Guitars
Abhijith Sixfut - Guitars

Erebus is a Metalcore / Deathcore band from Bangalore. The band has a mix of groove metal and metalcore elements in its sound. The band possesses a certain uniqueness in its sound, with the combination of melodic riffs, groovy bass lines, powerful drums and strong growls and screeches with the ultimate aim of making amazing music.

Single Track List :

1. Saligia
2. Regressions of A Blowback
3. Pull(ing) The Triger
4. The One With The Guitar
5. Bass Solo!
6. Hope
7. We'll Silence Them All

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