G2 Live

Band Members :
Jiten Shende - Vocals / Guitars
Kaustubh Deshpande
Aviv Pereira - Guitars
Abhay Ingle
Gaurav Korgaonkar

G2 Live is a Progressive Blues Rock band from Pune. The band is the brainchild of Jiten aka G2, a songwriter guitar player with a vision to create melodic blues rock music around songs and lyrics about contemporary subjects and real life experiences. Partnering with Aviv Pereira, G2 creates and produces the music in his own world class studio. The 'G2 trio' is a whacky trippy jam band featuring Randhir on drums and dedicated to playing live improvised versions of Hendrix, SRV, Clapton and other trio bands. 'G2 live' is an ensemble of sessions musicians playing original music and covering a few select  bands like Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dire Straits, J J Cale, Santana etc. They play 70's Style Blues Rock meshed with Heavy Improvisational Jams.

Album 'Khadki Station Clues' 2012 Track List :

1. Khadki Station Blues  YouTube 
 2. It's Alright  YouTube
 3. Lonely In Love  YouTube
 4. Pain  YouTube
 5. Cop Trouble  YouTube
 6. Hangover  YouTube
 7. Blues On My Mind  YouTube

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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