Band Members :
Bhasker Dewan - Vocals
Praggya Lama - Guitars
Pravash Subba - Bass
Birju Choudhary - Drums
Manish Thapa - Keyboards
Bidhan Thapa - Flute / Saxophone
Arpan - Sound Tech

Mantra is a Rock band from Darjeeling, formed in 1999. So far the band has performed at various places. They have won many awards like 'Rock O’ Phonix' Alcheringa at the IITG cultural festival held in Guwahati, Assam and Gangtok Rock Contest, where Praggya took home the award of Best Lead Guitarist. Mantra also went to perform at the highly prestigious Great Indian Rock held in New Delhi at 2006. They were selected as the best twelve band from all over India. Their tracks 'Sanskriti' and 'Himali Nepali' are their songs that were nominated in the Annual Hits FM Awards for the Best Rock Composition.

Album 'Mantra' 2003 Track List :

1. Timi Bina  Video
2. Rimzim Rimzim
3. Ekantama

4. Sara Sansar  YouTube 
5. Sapana

6. Bir Gorkhali

7. Pari Gawaima

8. Guiding Light (Theme song)

Album 'Rock Yatra' 2005 Track List :

1. Sanskriti  Live YouTube  
2. Sakehhu Ke  YouTube
3. Sadhai Sadhai  Video Live YouTube
4. Jiwan Hamro  YouTube
5. Aakash  YouTube
6. Bajeko Palo  YouTube 
7. Timi Nai Hau  YouTube
8. X Generation  YouTube 

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Album 'Himali Nepali' 2006 Track List :

1. Samjhana
2. Aakasima
3. Eklai
4. Himali Nepali
5. Sa Na Na
6. Timilai
7. Samay  YouTube 
8. Katha

Album 'Mantra Mughdha' 2010 Track List :

1. Mantra Mughdha  YouTube 
2. Yo Jindagi  YouTube 
3. Aajkal Ko Keta Keti (Emo World)  YouTube 
4.  Priyasi  Mp3 Video YouTube 
5. Aayo Aayo Gorkhali  YouTube  
6. Aama  Mp3 YouTube 
7. Naya Juni  Mp3 YouTube 
8. Hamro Sansar  YouTube
9. Sambandha  YouTube 
10. Avaani  YouTube

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Single Track List :

1. Bersaco Chainau Hami
2. Akash Ma Cheel Udyoo
3. Mayalu
4. Mero Gorkhaland  YouTube
5. Lahurey

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