Band Members :
Ishrat Kalavant - Vocals
Sani Shah - Vocals
Karan Patel - Guitars / Vocals
Issac Christian - Guitars
Jainam Modi - Bass / Vocals
Priyesh Mehta - Drums / Percussion

Meghdhanush is a Fusion-Rock band from Ahmedabad, formed in late 2009. The band believes in their passion more than anything else, a band that believes in the power of music to overcome all the negative energy and spread flurry of positivity and peace all over the world. With a vision of a happy, peaceful and smiling humanity, Meghdhanush primarily believes in creativity, originality and freshness in their music.

Album 'Mijlas' 2017 Track List :

1. Mahamrityunjay  Video 
2. Behte Behte
3. Pagal Dil
4. Le Lee Ft. Rahul Ram  Video 
5. Recovering
6. Kesariyo
7. Jai Bolo

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EP 'Folk Rang' 2018 Track List :

1. Apna Malak Na  Live 
2. Ghammar Ghammar  Live 
3. Kesariyo Rang  Live 
4. Mor Bani & Kasumbi No Rang  Live 

Download The Album

Single Track List :

1. Naina
2. Ishq Deewani  YouTube 
3. Aadi Thedi
4. Caller Tune
5. Morya Re
6. Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein
7. Meghdhanush (Theme Song)
8. Jaaj Jaa
9. Shaam Ho Chali
10. Sorry Shaktiman!
11. Lead India
 12. God Gift
13. Kehvu Ghana  Video 
14. Faag Rang
15. Babuji Sanskari
16. Yoga
17. Baawari  Mp3 Video 
18. Yaari  Mp3 Video 
19. Lollipop  Mp3 
20. Dhummas  Video 

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  1. songs download nh ho rae h, ek akela toh mast band mila h itni bheed me.. i want link for ishq deewani

    1. Use other link, its working!

  2. i would like to join your band

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