Polar Lights

Band Members :
Mar Jamir - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Temjen Jamir - Guitars

Polar Lights is a Indie Rock band from Dimapur (Nagaland), formed in March 2013. The band aspire to make music at the highest level and in doing so make it in the music industry as a prominent recording artist / band. The bands major influences are Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie and Mumford & Sons. 'Originality', is something the band firmly believes in and its what the band intends to be.

EP 'Talking To The Trees' 2016 Track List :

1. Pride And Blurry Vision
2. The Beast Inside The Lion
3. Into The Light  Video  
4. Diamonds
5. Temples
6. Talking To The Trees

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Single Track List :

1. A Murder Machine  Video YouTube 
2. Empty Hallway And A Candle Light  YouTube   
3. Parade
4. Bleed Out Loud  YouTube
5. A Beautiful Escape  Live YouTube 
6. Digging Into My Own Grave
7. Light It Up
8. Skins And Faces
9. Like A King
10. Fall Out  Video YouTube 

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  1. polar lights are here to stay!!! \m/

    1. They are here to stay and rock the nation.

  2. How can i make you guys popular?? Awesome start of a great journey. All the best.

  3. You guys deserves to be heard. The fresh sound of the vocal and the accurate diction blowed my mind away.

  4. Awesome you guys deserve to have on too...

  5. Kudos!!...the first song and i can't help but say Wow!!..full of quality. Goodluck.!

  6. mumford n sons, i knew right away listening to Empty Hallway And A Candle Light...very nice. LOVE IT.

  7. Folowers f illuminati

  8. Too much Mumford and son in the second single. First single was awesome btw. Kudos!

  9. "just looking forward for more" Does that says it all? :-)

  10. ..bunch of real talents!
    U guys have it to make it to the next level.
    Keep belting out and best wishes.

  11. Guys pliz add the Other Songs for Download as well c0z i Loved hearing them at the Concert. Diamonds etc.

  12. Ohh i dnt know what to comment!!You guys are great,i was especially touched by the vocals of Mar Jamir..,thank you polar lights!

  13. you guys are the best. Keep rocking.

  14. you guys are the best. keep rocking.

  15. Amazingly Talented Guys ^_^
    #Mesmerising #Hypnotizing :-P
    The more I listen, the more my ears yearn for... Everyday I react like I'm listening to it for the first time :-D
    I #Heart you guys <3
    Keep #Singing #Soaring #Shining ^_^
    #MuchLove <3

  16. Polar Lights music is with a million

  17. you guys are just awesom \m/

  18. Awesome vocals and pronunciation :) love your songs especially emptyhallway and a candle light....keep it up!!
    P:S- whats with the illuminati symbol on the cover??

  19. Your songs get better n better,they sounds so passionate...I am awed