Band Members :
Sourav - Vocals / Harmony
Soumava - Guitars / Song-writer / Composer
Debopriya - Drums / Backing Vocals
Pravakar - Tabla / Percussion

Parastish is an Oriental Progressive Rock band from Kolkata. The work 'Parastish' is  an Urdu word that stands for 'worship, devotion and dedication'. There is infusion of socio-political, socio-economic ideas with Sufi poetry and Vedic lyrics. Vedanta and Neo-Islamic ideologies are the fulcrum of the band’s politico-poetic philosophy. Their music is a blend of Indian-classical, folk, rock, blues, pop and metal, precisely enumerated as Oriental Progressive Rock. Their track 'In The Name of God' is been featured in a compilation album titled Alloy Armageddon.

Single Track List :

1. Prarthana  YouTube 
2. Wajood
3. Meh-Ru-Nisa
4. In The Name of God
5. A Beautiful Death  YouTube 
6. Fariyaad  Video 
7. Poorna Swaraj
8. Hind Hai Hum  Video 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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