The Fourth Elysium

Band Members :
Pratik Bhattacharjee - Vocals
Sagar Chaudhury - Guitars
Rajdip Dey - Keyboards / Vocals
Sunny Sarkar - Bass
Kaustav Deb - Drums

The Fourth Elysium is a Metal band from Kolkata. The band was first formed under the name Erased Undead which after few line-up changes changed the name to 'The Fourth Elysium'. 'The Fourth Elysium' is basically a fictional place/location which is beyond all layers of the atmosphere. Its the zenith of heaven and its the platform where gods indulge in war against each other till the fittest survives.

Single Track List :

1. Elysian Aeon
2. The Portrayal of Decay
3. Mortal Realization  YouTube 

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  1. Pratik da! Pratik da! Pratik da! Pratik da! Pratik da!

  2. গাঁজাখোর