The Monkberries

Band Members :
Somodeep Sengupta - Vocals / Guitars
Pritam Dulai - Guitars
Sushen Saha - Keyboards / Vocals
Rajdeep Basu - Bass / Vocals
Kushal Ghosh - Drums / Percussion / Vocals

The Monkberries is an Alternative / Rock band from Kolkata, formed in March 2009 with a combination of various musicians with diverse backgrounds and musical exposure. This diverse genre of songs is due to the varied musical inclinations of the band members. Besides making for a unique listening experience, it also challenges the band members to learn different techniques, appreciate different styles and helps them grow as musicians. A lot of time is spent deciding upon the set list as the aim of the band is not only to entertain an audience but also open up new musical portals for the average listener. The band also excels at giving old songs a new twist so that they sound relevant today just as they did back in the day. Apart from doing covers the band has original compositions in the pipeline which it seeks to incorporate into their future playlists. As with the covers they do, the band’s originals are guaranteed to vary in style and feel too.

EP 'Triplet' 2013 Track List :

1. Who  Live
2. Love Is Metaphor  Live
3. Far Away  Live

Single Track List :

1. Dirty Thoughts  Mp3
2. Walking In The Rain  Mp3 
3. Devil Woman
4. Pretty Vegas
5. Black Velvet
6. Torn
7. Bhitoro Bahire  Live
8. Katoi Rango Dekhi Duniyae (Tribute To Satyajit Ray)
9. Paakhi  Live 
10. Kalonkini Radha  Live
11. Other Side  Live
12. Break On Through  Live
13. Come Together  Live

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