Dwelling For Aeon

Band Members :
Ashish - Vocals
Arun - Guitars / Vocals
DK - Guitars

Adarsh - Bass
Pema - Drums

Dwelling For Aeon is a Modern / Death / Groove Metal band from Gangtok (Sikkim), formed in summer 2011. The band is formed by the ex-members of Twisted Carol. They don't try to sound like anyone rather try to create something of their own. Experimenting through low drop tuning to soothing cleans to the unexpected, keeping it metal focusing mostly on originality.

Single Track List :

1. Come Alive  YouTube 
2. My Apologies
3. 16 Hours (Instrumental)
4. Mundane Journey Called Life (Tribute To Nido Tania)

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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