The Yellow Pages

Band Members :
Simran Talreja - Vocals
Gaurav Jagwani - Guitars/Bass/Piano/Harmonica/Tambourine/Keyboards/Vocals
Live Members :
Vikas Munipalle
Suprateek Chaterjee

The Yellow Pages is an Acoustic Psychedelic band from Mumbai, formed in 2005 by Gaurav Jagwani and Simran Talreja with the common interest of exciting audiences all around with a unique acoustic take on modern and classic rock hits. Initially, the band started off as a cover band but today takes pride in having written plenty of originals. With a range of influences from the classic bands such as The Doors & Pink Floyd to the more modern bands such as Oasis and Coldplay, The Yellow Pages’ gigs will mesmerize you with not only their covers but also their original psychedelic acoustic music. With a series of guests accompanying them at times, their gigs aren’t to be missed.

EP 'The Yellow Pages' 2009 Track List :

1. Departed
2. You Melt My Heart To Stone (Adele Cover)
3. Don't Look Bank In Anger (Oasis Cover)
4. The Undisputed King
5. Nine Crimes (Damien Rice Cover)

Album 'The First Edition' 2012 Track List :

1. Life Is A Risk  Mp3 
 2. Messed Up
3. The Half Empty Full Glass
4. Strange
 5. Interloud (Instrumental)
6. Six
7. Divine
8. Me
9. Rise Up

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