Tick's Talk

Band Members :
Bhargav Talukdar - Vocals
Yoon Narzary - Guitars
Pretom Boro - Keyboards
Sun Sin Singha - Bass
Tanfiz Hussain - Drums

Tick's Talk is a Progressive Metal band from Guwahati (Assam), formed in the mid of 2012. The band is formed by the like minded musician from the local scene with a good experience of the members past contribution to the music scene in the locality. They have worked out a very strong stage presence in a very small time and is been under the radar of the music community. They released their debut single 'Drug Dimension' which is recorded, mixed and mastered at 'Lucid Recess Studios'.

Single Track List :

1. Drug Dimension  Stream YouTube 
2. Pictures Predict  YouTube 

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