Band Members :
Rudrajith - Vocals
Tarun Rasinkar - Guitars
Jake Prine - Bass
Bibhubrat - Drums

Uglyfungus is a Blues Rock band from Bangalore, formed in early 2011. The band member borrows influences from distinct genres that combine together to engage the audience with a new sound and unique feel. They spent a few months writing songs that were predominantly 'Alternative' in feel, they found themselves drawing influences from rock 'n' roll, progressive, soul and ethnic tunes. With a brief change in the line-up during July 2012, Bibhubrat on drums and Rudrajith on vocals, the band changed its predominant feel to 'Blues'.

Single Track List :

1. Void
2. Evil or Good
3. Hopeless
4. Dreams
5. Someone Else's Heaven
6. The Squeeze
7. A Mind's Eye

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