Band Members :
Rohit Michael Tigga - Vocals
Steven Ake - Guitars
Aniket Verma - Bass
Surya Thapa - Keyboards
Jayant Doraiburu - Drums

Vikrit is a Progressive Metal band from Ranchi, Jharkhand, formed in 2010. Growing up in Ranchi they were inspired by local bands that played Heavy Metal and Funk Metal. But they always wanted to do something different and more experimental.  They found their music in the fusion of the complex Time signatures of tribal beats of Jharkhand and Heavy metal music they grew up around, and thus they started playing Progressive Metal. They started making melodies blending each members influences and experiences and started writing songs about the darkest phases of their lives. Their songs speak about depression and the trauma a depressed person goes through while going up and down an emotional roller coaster.

EP 'The King In Exile' 2018 Track List :

1. Age of Despair
2. Drowning In My Sins
3. Time Machine  Live 
4. The Dark Crusader
5. Casket of Sorrows

Single Track List :

1. Crawling In The Darkness
2. Heads Off
3. Insects
4. Vilified
5. Redemption

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