Counter Act

Band Members :
Protyay Chakraborty - Vocals / Violin
Pranav Menon - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Parijat Pandya - Guitars
Rushi Ladani - Bass
Ayush Gajjar - Keyboards
Jyotirmay Menon - Drums / Backing Vocals

Counter Act is a Progressive Rock band from Ahmedabad (Gujarat), formed in 2008. The band first started as a school band 'Molecule Rock' in 2006. The band stands out different from others because of their unique sound. They mostly play experimental and progressive rock infused with the varied sounds of Indian as well as western melodies.

Single Track List :

1. Heroes
2. The Search For Light
3. Malice In Plunderland  YouTube 
4. 300 Feet
5. Journey of Rediscovery
6. The Flawed Guru

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
Other Link :  Link 1  Link 2

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