Dudgeon Garn

Band Members :
Indranil Banerjee - Vocals
Arindam Mitra - Vocals
Rohan Singh - Guitars
Prasun Roy - Guitars
Anumoy Kar - Bass
Sayantan Dey - Keyboards
Surajit BasuMallick - Drums

Dudgeon Garn is a Trancecore / Metal band from Kolkata, formed in June 2013. The band was formerly known as 'Dark Paradise' and was reformed due to line up issues and remained stagnant due to unavoidable circumstances. As the name suggests the word 'Dudgeon' stands for suppressed anger and 'Garn' expresses disbelief or ridicule. They took the vow to express the frustrations of the daily life and trauma as they believe music to be the most effective way of expression.

Single Track List :

1. Booze Almighty  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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