Band Members :
Bhaven Dhanak - Vocals
Gaurav Shah - Guitars
Suvir Singh - Guitars
Crosby Fernandes - Bass
Rahul Singh - Synthesizer / Keyboards
Gautam Deb - Drums

Grasshopper is a Cinematic Psychedelia band from Mumbai, formed in April 2013. It is an experiential band that symbolizes intuition, taking a leap of faith and listening to our inner voices & is pushing the boundaries. Armed with symbolism, Grasshopper is ready to show you the mirror that will set you on a journey, reflecting on things that weren’t yet visible. The band was started by musicians all sharing a common admiration for psychedelic & progressive music along with a strong vision to write music and lyrics that strike a chord with the listener’s contemplative side. 'Mirrors of the Mind' is India’s first cinematic psychedelia based concept album that lends listeners the experience of an introspective musical journey about the various conflicts we face in our lives. The album was a collaborative effort with eminent international czars such as their Austin based, Grammy nominated mixing engineer Tim Palmer, Justin Shturtz who mastered the album at Sterling Sound and artwork from multi-disciplinary artist Jonathan Key who is based out of Sydney.

Album 'Mirrors of The Mind' 2013 Track List :

1. Deadweight
2. Monochrome Night
3. F*k O*f
4. The Gatekeeper's Speech Part 1
5. The Gatekeeper's Speech Part 2
6. Analog Code
7. State of Flux
8. Map of Hope
9. Dancing on The Leaves of Silence
10. Weightless

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