A Day In December

Band Members :
Chaitanya Devarakonda - Guitars / Bass / Piano / Drum Programming

A Day In December (formerly known as 'Differential Phase') is a one man Post Rock / Math Rock / Ambient / Post Metal / Shoegaze project from Mumbai, formed by Chaitanya Devarakonda, who is a multi instrumentalist.

EP 'Lost In Fields of Imagination And Skies of Expectations' 2013 Track List :

1. Lucidity
2. Irene's song
3. Guilt Trip  YouTube 
4. Impending Thought
5. Taylour's song
6. Lonliness/Solitude  Mp3 
7. Nostalgia  YouTube 

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Album 'Zoning Out' 2014 Track List :

1. Get Up  YouTube  
2. Blanket Cocoon  YouTube 
3. Dreaming Dreaming Dreaming (Iben's Song)  YouTube 
4. Something Tells Me I'm Not Where I'm Suppose To Be  YouTube 
5. Wake Up! You Are No Longer Dreaming  YouTube 
6. I Did Not Get A Big Booty Ho For My Birthday  YouTube 
7. I Wish I Was At Home Listening To Swans  YouTube 
8. Love/Hate Relationship With The Outside World  YouTube 
9. Zoning Out  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Variance (Under Differential Phase)  YouTube 
2. Mirrored Thought Process (Under Differential Phase)

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