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Nitish Pires is a Mumbai based  singer, composer, writer and music producer. He began his musical journey in 1999 after he picked up a guitar and formed his first professional Indo-Rock band 'Nakshatra'. With all songs written, composed, and sung by Nitish Pires, Nakshatra released their first album 'Gulfam' in 2003 with Universal Music. In 2007, Nitish Pires went on his own making his first solo album 'Sarhadein' with a popular music producer Kalyan Barua. 'Sarhadein' was released in 2007 with Raga To Rock Records. In late 2008, Nitish with already established musicians in the circuit, formed his self-titled band 'De Nitish Pires Band'. They went in the studio by the end of 2009 to record their album 'Chauraha', which is a musical based type album. In July 2010, Nitish Pires went out driving 15,000 kms across 25 cities in India to promote his new upcoming album 'Chauraha'. Chauraha was the only album that was marketed independently through a road tour and got nominated in at the prestigious G.I.M.A Awards as the best Indian Rock Album. Nitish Pires has even composed songs and scored for the feature film, Soch Lo, which is currently in the Oscars Library in Hollywood, California.

[Under Nakshatra] Album 'Gulfam' 2003 Track List :

1. Gulfam  Video 
2. Zindagi Kya Hai  Video 
3. Jeet
4. Chehra Mera
5. Malgudi Our Kind 
6. Jaana
7. Yeh Zameen
8. Yeh Rahein
9. Zamaney Sey
10. Malgudi Our Kind 2

Solo Album 'Sarhadein' 2007 Track List :

1. Ud Chalta  Video
2. Sarhadein  Video
3. Azaad
4. Shikar
5. Kesara  Video 
6. Main Hu Main
7. Oh Sathiya
8. Sun Le Zamaana
9. Azaad (Unplugged)

Album 'Chauraha' 2010 Track List :

1. Hue Deewane  YouTube 
2. Tamanna  Video 
3. Aarzoo
4. Aasma Na Kabhi Jhukta Hai
5. Pehchaan
6. Chauraha
7. Naa-jaa  YouTube 
8. Tanha
9. Phir Naaja
10. Rab Jhuta Hai
11. Bachpan Lauta De
12. Nayaa Din

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Soch Lo' 2013 Track List :

1. Nitish Pires - Mera Yahaan Hai Kaun
2. Charu Moohan - Dedh Inch Oopar
3. Master Salim & Charu Moohan - Faani Dayar
4. Mehboob - Save Me Destiny
5. Nitish Pires - Kesara
6. Bianca Gomes - Mera Yahaan Hai Kaun (Female Version)
7. Charu Moohan - Dedh Inch Oopar Honeymoon
8. Nitish Pires - Soch Lo (Theme)

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Album 'Am I Evil' 2018 Track List :

1. Fade Away
2. Crazy BC-AD
3. Johny 006
4. You Fake
5. Need You
6. Big Black Wings
7. It's My Way
8. Happy Nuclear
9. Not Going Mad
10. Hello Good Morning
11. Undoe Se Maara

Single Track List :

1. Parindey  Video 
2. Cold
3. Undaa  Mp3 Video  

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