Project Midnight

Band Members :
Abhishek Borah - Vocals / Guitars
Yan Doley - Guitars
Van Molly - Bass
Simanta Choudhury - Drums

Suraj Biswas - Sampling / Guitars

Project Midnight is a EDM / Post-Hardcore band from Guwahati. It is a project spanning two countries bringing together a really diverse group of musicians. The goal is to make music which is technical and has mass appeal.

EP 'Project Midnight' 2014 Track List :

1. Late Night Show  YouTube
2. A Scene Queen's Broken Dreams  YouTube 
3. Damages

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Single Track List :

1. Withering Rose  YouTube 
2. Four Blades  Video 

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  1. Late night snow...is a heart beating tack 2 me wow..kep it up Project Midnight..