Sunset Stare

Band Members :
Priyanuj Mazumdar - Vocals / Synths / Samples
Monsoon Bhuyan - Lead Guitars
Daniel Gogoi - Bass / Rhythm Guitars
Siddharth Pathak - Drums

Sunset Stare is an Alternative / Experimental Rock band from Guwahati, formed in late April 2012. Initially it started as an experimental solo project of Priyanuj Mazumdar named "Abolish The Archangel". The project re-formed on march 2013 with a redifined sound, mishmashing diverse genres such as modern rock, alternative, indie, country, ambient, hard rock, etc. into a platter of soothing, yet uplifting music.

EP 'Crystal Rain' 2013 Track List :

1. Crystal Rain
2. Only Memories Remain

Single Track List :

1. When You're Broken

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