The Ska Vengers

Band Members :
Delhi Sultanate - Vocals
Begum X - Vocals
Chaitanya Bhalla - Guitars
Tony Guinard - Bass
  Nikhil Vasudevan - Drums

Stefan Kaye - Keyboards / Percussion / Vocals

The Ska Vengers is a Dance / Ska band from Delhi, formed in August 2009. It is a band who blend 'ska' rhythms with elements of dub, punk, jazz and rap to come up with a form of music that is refreshingly different, energetic and highly danceable. However it is their own highly dance oriented originals which are getting plaudits from critics and feet moving with fans. Their track 'Rude Boy Shank' and 'Gunshot' is been featured in a compilation album Stupiditties Vol. IV and V.

Album 'The Ska Vengers' 2012 Track List :

1. (Why Don't You) Do Right
2. The Boy That Radiates The Charm  Live 
3. Vampire  YouTube  
4. Gunshot  Live 
5. Rough And Mean  Video 
6. I Put A Spell On You
7. Bam Intifada
8. Mr Big Stuff
9. My Conversation
10. Rudeboy Shank
11. Ska Venger Badda

Album 'XX' 2016 Track List :

1. Kick Up A Rumpus  YouTube  
2. El Cumbanchero / Red Fort Rock  YouTube
3. Frank Brazil  Mp3 Video YouTube  
4. Double X  Live YouTube 
5. Shut Your Mouth  Live YouTube
6. 011  Live YouTube
7. Badda Kirvani  Video YouTube
8. Jail Mein  YouTube
9. Afro Fantasy  YouTube

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Single Track List :

1. Woman of The Ghetto
2. Modi, A Message To You  Video 
3. I Fought The Law  Live 
4. Don't Put Your Hands On Me  Video 

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