Zero Tolerance

Band Members :
Devashis - Vocals
Tenzing Gurung - Guitars
Palzer - Guitars
Akash Gurung - Bass
Sandeep - Drums

Zero Tolerance is an Experimental Metal band from Darjeeling, formed in 2012. They play a technical and rhythmic style of heavy metal with precision drumming, unusual rhythm patterns and start-and-stop riffs. They also incorporate textured atmospheric elements and instrumental melody into their music. Their songs have progressive and uncommon song structures, rarely using the standard verse, chorus, verse songwriting. The vocal style is varied, ranging from the screamed style often employed in extreme metal, with little growl in addition to clean vocals which is used predominantly.

Single Track List :

1. Psycho Analyzed
2. Manic Struggle
3. Enchanted Hill
4. Revolution
5. Dying Soul
6. Winner Takes It All  YouTube 

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