Band Members :
Demyy Swargiary - Vocals / Guitars
Gagan Goyari - Guitars
Angshuman Basumatary - Bass

Hiranya Boro - Drums
Jitumani Basumatary - Synths / Programming / Turn Table

Bodosa is an Alternative / Electronica band from Baksa (Assam), formed in 2012 by Demy, Jitumani and Gagan when they discovered the collision of their tastes on music. Its an Alternative Rock band focusing and experimenting on newer trends of music. Now the band members pursuing further studies broke up dividing to parts of India. Yet vowing to reunite often coming up with later projects.

Single Track List :

1. Song For The Beautiful Rose
2. Manw Dinthiamwn Nwng
3. Minislu
4. Da Neosi Nwng
6. Locked Emotions
7. Thangnw Nagirw
8. Okhwrang

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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