Band Members :
Samron Jude - Vocals
Vignesh V - Guitars
Leon Quadros - Bass

Mayank Sharma - Drums

SystemHouse33 is a Groove / Thrash Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 22nd September 2003. The band was formed by Samron Jude in an "All India Aids Awareness Drive" in Nagpur but now shifted to Mumbai. The band plays an interesting blend of thrash and groove with extreme influences from different styles, including death metal, incorporating atmospheric parts and artistic rendering to make it a notch above the rest in terms of musical expression and presentation. Their originals have a full-blown sound that combines these various influences and the result is something that is their own heavy style. They created metal history by becoming the first Indian metal band to be a part of and share the stage with legendary metal bands like Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, The Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, among others on the Metal Alliance Tour in USA and the Xmas in Hell Tour in Europe. 

EP 'Discernment' 2006 Track List :

1. Darkened Damned Soul
2. Determine Yourself
3. No Regret
4. Scartation  Live 
5. One Eyed Monster

EP 'Join The System' 2008 Track List :
:Full track list not known:

1. Searching
2. System Control
3. Determine Yourself
4. Those Mistakes
5. Healing You  Live

EP 'Thrive Live' 2011 Track List :
:Full track list not known:

1. Darkened Damned Soul
2. Cowards Eye  Live Live 
3. Healing You

Album 'Depths of Despair' 2013 Track List :

1. Abstraction
2. Depths of Despair  Video 
3. Death Wish
4. Stark Revelations
5. Courtesy And Protocol  Live
6. Resistance  Live 
7. Armistice

Album 'Regression' 2016 Track List :

1. Catharsis
2. Regression  YouTube
3. Lift This Plague  Live YouTube
4. Namesake  Video Live Live 
5. Death Chamber  Video Live 
6. Detestable Idolatry  Live Live YouTube
7. Pagan Breed  Live YouTube
8. Malicious Mind  YouTube  

Album 'End of Days' 2019 Track List :

1.Day of Reckoning
2. Rapture  YouTube
3. End of Days
4. Lake of Sorrow
5. Stand Up
6. Apocalypse
7. Prophesied
8. Great Tribulation
9. Cry of Anguish

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