Ganesh Rao

Ganesh Rao is an artist, creative director, film-maker and a musician from Manipal (Karnataka) now based in Illinois (USA). He is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and creative director who creates narrative experiences using technology. He has worked with clients including Dream Works Animation and Century Media Records, and produced work that has featured at film festivals and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, South by South West, and aired on British music television. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and a master’s degree in Fine Art, and has taught courses on graphic design, filmmaking, and fine art. He is the co-founding director of Ushtaang Productions which he started in 2012. Over the past decade, he has worked with several visual, aural and digital mediums and developed collaborative projects from concept to completion.

Demo 'Ganesh Rao Singles - 2009-10' Track List :

1. Spaced
2. Becoming One
3. Banyan Trees
4. Pianoise

Album 'Wave Origami' 2010 Track List :

1. Stellation Dream
2. Exploding Train
3. Dead Nebula
4. The Planet Traveler
5. Capturing Sirius

EP 'Noise Kills' Track List :

1. Accidents Inc.
2. Alter Talkie
3. Fast Fall
4. Fourteen Temp Tweaks
5. Water And Pink Shiny Liquid
6. Mad In Time

EP 'OSeven' Track List :

1. Piano Melody
2. Rain
3. In Reverie

EP 'Jiij' 2014 Track List :

1. Being
2. Gunk
3. Pain
4. Calling

Single Track List :

1. The Sacred
2. Ek  Video 
3. Rab
4. Empyrean  Video 
5. Promise
6. Your Eyes Has Found Me Worthy
7. Prayers
8. Can You See?
9. The Only Way
10. Phase
11. Santient
12. The Talking Fan
13. Shimmering
14. Parasaurolophus On Train
15. Entropy
16. Warmth

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