Humanoid Transmutation

Band Members :
Prithiv Chandar - Vocals [Disfiguring The Diseased]
Ronakh Prakash - Guitars
[Disfiguring The Diseased]
Jake Oden - Bass / Mixing

Humanoid Transmutation is a Goregrind / Death Metal band from Tamil Nadu (India) / USA / England, formed in 2015.

EP 'Decomposed Human Remains' 2015 Track List :

1. Embalming The Slaughtered (ft.Zack Shaw of Phalloplasty)  YouTube 
2. Decomposed Human Remains
3. Chopping With A Machete
4. Rotten Heads On The Hook
5. Maggots Infested Flesh (ft.Januaryo Hardy of Perverted Dexterity)

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Split Album '2 Ways To Find A Dead Body' 2015 Track List :
[Along with Gangrenous Erythromelalgia]

1. Surgical Dissection
2. External Autopsy
3. Living In A Body Farm  YouTube 
4. Used Body Bags  YouTube  
5. Methods of Body Snatching  YouTube 

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Split Album 'Perverted Experimentation On Disposed Bodies' 2017 Track List :

1. Humanoid Transmutation - Collection of Decomposed Bodies
2. Humanoid Transmutation - Mutilated Dead Children
3. Gutter Slut Pulverizer - Depraved Sexual Degradation
4. Gutter Slut Pulverizer - Force Fisted And Fucked On A Fish Hook
5. Gutter Slut Pulverizer - Remembering A Victim (Whore Cover)
6. Gutter Slut Pulverizer - Stank On My Wank

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