Band Members :
Wanphrang Diengdoh - Vocals / Bass
Valte Chongthu - Guitars
Nikolaus Gerold - Drums

Tarik is a Punk band from Shillong, formed somewhere in 2010. It is an audiovisual act whose musical content is an eccentric blend of punk and radical themes with a Khasi twist. While their riffs are catchy, their lyrics are far from sugar coated. The entire act is framed by a visual cacophony of people and spaces in Shillong that the tourism board and the news would rather not share.

Album 'Folktales From The Parking Lot And Foreign Monoliths' 2015 Track List :

1. Hollywood Tailors
2. Love Me One Night
3. Kynjat Sla
4. New Green Thing  Video 
5. Older
6. Burom Class
7. Mirrors
8. Moral Police  Video 
9. Gearing Up

Single Track List :

1. Nobody Knows  Video 
2. Khanatang Parking Lot ft.Nusanz
3. Dare To Think  Video 
4. Seven  Live 
5. Dare To Think  Live 
6. Crap  Live 
7. Burom Class  Live 
8. Dreams (OST - Lorni The Flaneur)  Video 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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