The Tripp

Band Members :
Joel Padikkal - Vocals
Keegan Moraes - Guitars
Rinaldo D'Souza - Guitars
Ralcus Aguiar - Guitars
David Britto - Bass
Ryan Sequeira - Drums

The Tripp is a Blues / Rock band from Mumbai, formed in September 2012. Their set is complete with some sweet guitars solos, interesting rhythm play and some very awesome sounding vocals. The bands original blues sound has progressed through the years to a more power packed Blues/Rock sound, keeping their mellow side intact.

EP 'Superhuman' 2016 Track List :

1. Superhuman
2. Madness
3. Coming Home
4. How I Loose Track of Time ft.Tara Sutaria

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Single Track List :

1. You Don't Want Me Like I Want You
2. Troublemaker
3. The Deal
4. Slow, Sunday Drive Song
5. She's On My Mind  Live 

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