Band Members :
Goutam Salam - Vocals
Tarunkanta Sharma - Guitars
Deepak Ningthoujam - Bass
Meiraba Nongmeikapa - Keyboards
Khunjaoba Chongtham - Drums

Vignettes is a Rock band from Imphal (Manipur), active since the early 90's. Musically, they identify themselves as Rock but they may surprise you with a harp or a cello, because sky is the limit in their versatility. In pursuit of career or some unavoidable circumstances there has been a hiatus in their public appearances but they are back in the scene and is working for a soon to be released project.

Single Track List :

1. We Shall Over Come
2. Valley of Gold
3. Now I've Found You  Mp3 Video
4. Marching Out For Victory  Mp3 
5. Rememberin' You  Mp3 Live
6. Ballad
7. Ode To Thee, My Motherland
8. Better Day

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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