Vedic Symphony

Band Members :
Lubdhak Biswas - Vocals
Biswas Debjit Sil - Guitars
Apratim Nayak - Violin
Suvadip Ghosh - Bass / Backing Vocals
Sounav Sengupta - Keyboards / FX
Souradeep Roy - Drums

Vedic Symphony is a Progressive Metal band from Kolkata, formed in 2010. However, after much struggle, several line-up changes and even genre changes the present combination of like minded individuals have been achieved. With a common aim to deliver quality music, the band members are determined to provide some hallucinating materials to the listeners ear. Infusing several genres of music over a common platform of progressive metal infrastructure, the sound achieved is a careful blend of both eastern and western forms of music.

Single Track List :

1. Eighth Son's Contempletion
2. Contours of Hastinapur
3. Eyes of Vidur : A Different Interpretation

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