Tarun Balani Collective

Band Members :
Tarun Balani - Drums / Percussion / Composer
Adam O’ Farrill
Sharik Hasan
Olli Hirvonen
Raviv Markovitz

Tarun Balani Collective is a World / Jazz / Experimental project. It is a collective of artists / musicians aspiring to create a sound palette beyond limitations.  The music of the collective represents Tarun's vision as a composer, drawing from a world of influences, finding its expression in the modern jazz idiom. In 2012, Tarun released his debut record 'Sacred World', which has been said to 'point to the future of jazz in India'. Playing music through high school and after, Tarun was a member of Indian bands including Incognito, Advaita and Artistes Unlimited. It was the dedication and collaborative experiences of writing, playing and composing during this period of his life that gave shape to the Tarun Balani Collective as a group, comprising of musicians of diverse backgrounds. In 2011, Tarun and his brother Aditya Balani, also a musician (guitar player and composer), founded Global Music Institute in New Delhi. The first of its kind in India, the Institute aims to promote musical diversity in India, with an emphasis on national and international collaboration in faculty for teaching and performance. Tarun’s music is driven by a restless desire to be a holistic artist, inspired by his Indian roots and synthesized into his work. An inward and spiritual experience for Tarun, music has had a very special impact on his life, in finding his voice through the drums, and then in building a career in performance and teaching.

Album 'Sacred World' 2012 Track List :

1. Belief
2. The Other Side  Live 
3. Azaan
4. Pictures  Live 
5. Sacred World
6. Varsha
7. Arjuna  Live 
8. Arjuna Reprise  Live 

Album 'Live At Teatro Bismantova, Italy' 2014 Track List :

1. Malalas Dream  Live 
2. Let The Light In  Live 
3. The Other Side
4. Arjuna
5. Arjuna Reprise
6. Belief

EP 'All India Permit' 2014 Track List :

1. Camilla  ft.Abhinav Khokhar  YouTube
2. To Jodhpur  ft.Abhinav Khokhar
3. Karnataka  ft.Abhinav Khokhar

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Album 'Dharma' 2019 Track List :

1. Brooklyn Bound  Live 
2. Impermanence
3. Samsara
4. Gatha
5. Dharma  Video Live 
6. Here We Go
7. Malala's Dream
8. Planet Hunter

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EP '2° (2 degrees)' 2020 Track List :
[Under 'Seasonal Affected Beats']

1. Prelude  YouTube 
2. Jitter  Video  
3. Let The Light In (ft.Kavya)
4. Dr. Escher  Video 
5. 2° (For Naima)

Single Track List :

1. If Only  Video
2. Answers
3. Birds of A Feather
4. Kids Without Candy
5. July River
6. Azaan  Live 
7. HYPNAGOGIA (Seasonal Affected Beats)  Video 

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