Astral Orb

Astral Orb is a one-man project of Rajdip Dey from Kolkata. He spends time composing and experimenting in an instrumental format. He takes elements of Djent, Progressive Metal, Electronic music and submerges them into deep, lush soundscapes worth an aural exploration.

EP 'Nebula' 2013 Track List :

2. Luminary
3. Nebula
4. Prism
5. Supernova
6. Void

EP 'Entity Frictions' 2015 Track List :

1. Prolonged
2. Epitome
3. Altercation
4. Desolate
5. Retaliation

Single Track List :

1. Our Thoughts Were Wrong
2. Harmonies of Socotra
3. Soundscapes
4. Ominous
5. Resonance  YouTube 
6. The Universe Is In Us

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